Mola! Almost Club 27

Did you know that there is another club for failing twenty-seveners?

... and it's still cool if your rock even just by a note.
And give the rest one more club to hang out. That's mine... called 'Almost...Only' 
Full of many almosts and if onlys. I thought I put up the shatters for that one. But I guess they keep looking back at me with big open eyes expecting me to finally understand that there's no getting over with for someone obsession is a way to make the day.
There's alwayd good music to linger on behind walls... and that just relieves me.


Mola! Right?!





Mola! Sunday Hope

That little child in you, starving for some better days to arrive.
Don't mess with him. He can get you anytime.
And don't let him freak out that life can get him, too.
Hope, in the end, keeps you surviving.                   Right?


Let It Be, Let It Get Me

Pour something over me and make me drown
Let it be heavy, let it hurt but let it be quick as well
Let my story hang on beneath the trees, like some crust of the rivers
Not to get found by someone but to be sung eternally 
Not for some people, just for some soul
To let them know they could do more
To let them know they could do better
Because the worst part passed away
                                                          With me


Update #1

So, once again... why am I doin' it wrong?

I exptected something more for a start.

Is all I get is a sorry flashback?


Though I still like a guitar when it gently weeps...

But you know... one is never enough so I got  to get drawn within every version...
One for each day of this f*ckin' week!